Myofascial Pain Syndrome Risk Factors

Myofascial Pain Risk Factors


Myofascial Pain Syndrome Risk Factors

Pain is such a feeling that’s hard to ignore and endure. This sensation can serve as a distraction that affects the way you do things. That is why when one feels pain; the ingestion of a pain-killing medicine is one of the few things that he or she can do. There are some kinds of pain that can be treated easily. However, there are instances when pain killers are not enough to relieve the pain. In such case, it is important that you know what causes this pain and what exactly your illness is. There is one kind of sickness however that causes pain to different parts of the body, especially when the part that triggers the pain is stimulated. This is called a mysofascial pain syndrome (MPS). Too much fatigue, one’s exposure to repetitive motion, certain medical conditions like a heart attack and stomach irritation, lack of activity of a certain part of the body, or an injury to the intervertebral disc can cause MPS. This complicated illness requires serious medication. That is why when you get his kind of illness it is important for you to seek the help of a professional to get the best diagnosis and treatment to be cured with this.


Myofascial Pain Risk Factors Group


Women’s Group

Experts are continuously looking for answers and conclusive information about MPS. According to recent studies though, this illness can cause one person to experience intense muscle pain all over his or her body. This, according to doctors is caused by myofascial trigger points that when stimulated, causes muscles from different parts of the body to experience pain. These trigger points may be close or far from the area where pain is felt. However, just as the same, stimulation of those said trigger points can increase the level of pain or cause pain to another different part of the body. Additionally, studies have revealed that women are more vulnerable to get MPS than men. Experts are still puzzled as to why women have greater tendency of contracting this illness. That is why, they are advising women to avoid getting injuries or stressing themselves too much as this will further increase their chances of having MPS.


Middle-Age Group

Other than women, middle-aged people are some of the most vulnerable to MPS. According to studies, more and more middle-aged people are contracting this illness. Some experts believe that younger people’s muscles can endure more stress and strain. Older people, however, have muscles that have been weakened by wear and tear, making them prone to MPS. That is why like women, experts have been encouraging middle-aged people to protect themselves against this illness. Additionally, middle-aged people should also consider avoiding activities that could be stressful for them. By minimizing and avoiding the practices or conditions that cause chronic myofascial pain, one can save him or herself from the pain that this illness could bring.



Injuries are also some of the common causes of MPS. Based on a study done by experts in the field, accidents have been said to cause muscle injury. These injuries in turn bring muscle tensions. These injuries to one’s muscle can be susceptible to MPS and soon may become a possible trigger point of this illness. Once there is a trigger point, the muscle pain brought about by CMP could leave you writhing in pain. The pain could be widespread all over one’s body. An injury could also leave a part of your body inactive. Inactivity of a particular muscle groups could also make it trigger MPS as well. That is why by all means possible, you should try to make it a point to avoid injuries and stay active to be able to avoid getting MPS.



Most people who experience stress do ignore the fact that subjecting or letting one’s self get subjected to stress can develop various sicknesses. However, the negative effects of stress to the body are very serious. More than having memory, concentration, and judgment problems, it also causes other cognitive symptoms that can really affect a person’s quality of life. It can also affect one’s emotions as a person who’s stressed can get moody, have a short temper, become agitated, get easily overwhelmed, have a sense of loneliness, and generally depressed that could affect one’s behavior and mental health. Finally, stress could pose a serious threat to your health. It could cause various medical conditions that include MPS. Stress and anxiety are more likely to develop trigger points in their muscles. Being stressed could make you end up clenching your muscles, causing increased muscle tension, making it very susceptible to become trigger points. These myofascial trigger points in turn can cause you pain on the many different parts of your body.



Too much stress is bad for you but inactivity is just the same. Abusing your muscles can make it susceptible in developing as trigger point for MPS. On the other hand, very little use of some muscle groups can also get trigger points as well. Inactivity can leave a muscle weak; this in turn raises the chance of it becoming an MPS trigger point. So while it is bad to stress yourself too much, not doing anything can also make you susceptible in contracting MPS.


Can Physical Health Lower the Risk of Myofascial Pain Symptoms?

Achieving a work-life balance is the key to keeping yourself healthy at all times. One must make sure that they get ample rest to help them recover from the stress and strains that the daily grind of life brings. Just as the same, one must find or should make time for physical activities or exercises for the mind and body to keep them healthy, protected from all kinds of illness. A healthy lifestyle is the key to prevent contracting or developing MPS. By having an active lifestyle while doing your best to minimize or remove stressful factors can help you get stronger, and healthier, enough to prevent any sickness attack. And if you happen to feel any pain, do not just take it lightly. Do not hesitate to ask and have your medical condition checked at the soonest possible time by a medical professional. If you happen to be in the Santa Monica and Los Angeles area, make an appointment and do make time to consult a doctor to ensure that you are healthy and free from any sicknesses.

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